What is cashmere and where does cashmere originate?

Most cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus goat that lives in Mongolia and China, a region characterized by wide temperature fluctuations. Cashmere fibers are actually thin hairs from the neck and underbelly regions of these cashmere goats. Our cashmere originates from Inner Mongolia.

How is cashmere different from wool?

Cashmere which comes from the Capra Hircus goat is softer, lighter and warmer than sheep’s wool. Cashmere does not itch or irritate the skin as many types of wool do and is up to 8x warmer than the best merino wool.

The wool from one sheep can make up to five wool sweaters whereas it takes approximately four goats’ worth of fibers to make one cashmere sweater. 

Why is cashmere so warm? 

When the temperature rises, the Capra Hircus naturally shed their coats. The fibers are collected from the neck and underbelly regions of the goats. These fibers have high insulation properties and are naturally moisture wicking which contribute to cashmere’s superior warmth and breathability. 

Why is cashmere considered a luxury fabric? 

Cashmere’s world renowned luxury status stems from both its limited supply and highly desirable properties. Cashmere goats are found in limited regions in the world and each goat only produces a few ounces of cashmere fibers each year. The gathering and refining processes are also extremely laborious. 

Characterized by its distinctly soft and luxurious feel, cashmere is coveted, adored, and sought after by fashion icons and customers worldwide.