“ Altesse is my WHY, it fulfills my dream of building a business that combines my love for fashion and my care for people. My vision for Altesse is that it will inspire, bring joy, and be a vessel to serve and improve our local communities.”
-Juliette, Founder & CEO


The story of our friendship began over 15 years ago. We are Juliette and Véronique, high school best friends and the team behind Altesse cashmere.

Juliette, a pharmaceutical professional, founded Altesse as a creative outlet and a way to make a positive impact on the community. She was inspired to create a business that is a cross between a fashion brand and a social enterprise.

When Juliette invited Véronique, an elementary school teacher, to join her on this exciting and purpose-driven journey, she didn’t hesitate. From there, in fall 2020, Altesse cashmere was created.

We invite you to be part of the Altesse journey, a brand created for working professionals by people just like you. Connect with us on social media and on our blog

“Through common shared experiences, I knew I wanted to create a brand embodying young professionals aspiring to chase their passion, uncover their greatest strengths, find their purpose, live boldly, and live fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally.

We would love to be part of your story and hope that Altesse can be interwoven into the meaningful moments in your life, or the mundane moments that could use a little cheering up."  Read the full “Meet our Founder” story.


Comfort and sophistication with a purpose

Altesse Cashmere is designed for men and women who want to project effortless and refined elegance while experiencing the comfort of luxury cashmere.

Our purpose is to bring joy into the lives of our customers and make a positive impact in the community, one cashmere garment at a time.

We are committed to using the highest quality cashmere, creating exceptional designs, and engaging in social responsibility.


Sustainably sourced, lovingly worn.

Our premium quality garments are made from sustainable Mongolian cashmere created exclusively for Altesse. Treat yourself to our unique designs made from incredibly soft, plush, and naturally moisture wicking cashmere.  

Why cashmere?

Our cashmere provides excellent insulation for cooler days but can still be worn comfortably in the spring and autumn months. Given that our pieces are extremely durable and get softer with age when cared for properly, they are meant to become your go-to favorites and be cherished for years to come.