Hello, my name is Juliette! I am excited to share my story and how Altesse cashmere came to be.

Like many of you, I wear many hats. I am a pharmaceutical professional, an MBA student and the founder of Altesse cashmere. I have always challenged myself to take risks, and launching Altesse is the greatest risk I have ever taken.

I am often asked why I would so drastically step outside of my comfort zone (running a startup when I’ve been “raised in corporate”, launching a luxury fashion brand with zero experience in fashion). But to me, Altesse is my WHY, it fulfills my dream of building a business that combines my love for fashion and my care for people.

My vision for Altesse is that it will inspire, bring joy, and be a vessel to serve and improve our local communities. Through common shared experiences, I knew I wanted to create a brand embodying young professionals aspiring to chase their passion, uncover their greatest strengths, find their purpose, live boldly, and live fulfilling lives, both personally and professionally.

As a young professional myself, I also know of our desire to do good and be purpose-driven in our endeavors. Here at Altesse, social responsibility is not an afterthought but is weaved into the fabric of our brand (no pun intended). We will be giving back a significant portion of profits to causes close to my heart, namely access to healthcare, access to education, and helping vulnerable women, youths and children affected by domestic violence and addiction.

We would love to be part of your story and hope that Altesse can be interwoven into the meaningful moments in your life, or the mundane moments that could use a little cheering up.

I invite you to be part of the Altesse journey, a brand created for you by people like you. Follow us on our social media to stay connected and come back often to continue the conversation on our blog!

See you soon!