Taking a leap of faith

So what it’s like when your high school best friend invites you to do something you’ve never thought to do?

I've been teaching elementary school full time for three years now. It certainly keeps me on my toes! 

This summer, Juliette, my high school best friend approached me with a proposition to work together on an exciting entrepreneurial adventure. As we sat down to discuss the idea for the very first time, we began brainstorming and exploring ideas together for hours. The conversation was so natural, the ideas being formed before us created so much excitement within me that I knew this could turn into something special. I knew I had to say yes!  

After a few additional conversations, it was clear to me that we were a great fit and complemented each other perfectly. I consider myself steady, reliable and I always get things done. Whereas Juliette is a bit of a free spirit; she gets out there to find the right partners and leads us to make daring moves to create our unique brand voice.

This new opportunity that Juliette had placed forth in front of me had soon  become a great source of both pleasure and challenge. I went from never having given entrepreneurship any thought to soon finding myself thinking and dreaming of cashmere daily. 

Months later, after many hours of ground work, as we near the launch of Altesse Cashmere, my adventurous nature is thrilled to embark in this exciting venture. I can’t help but feel extremely thankful that I get to work with Juliette and that she has asked me to share in this project with her. One that could ultimately change the course of our lives, for the better! 

I’m thrilled to see where Altesse will take us!

PS: In case you’re wondering about the skydiving photo, that’s what it’s like!